Trupow 3 4 NPT 110V Hot Water 3 Speed Circulation Pump Circulator Pump

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Brand : TRUPOW

Category : Power Water Pumps

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  • 1.Outlet: 3/4"In Max Head: 6.0m Max Flow: 30L/min Liquid temperature range: 0 -+212
  • 2.Rated Power: 100/67/46W Volt/Freq: 110-120v/60Hz.
  • 3.No leakage low noise environmental protection aesthetics ease of installation and so on.
  • 4.Suitable for city buildings suburban villas houses water and pressurized with industrial equipment.
  • 5.Pump Body: Cast Iron; Pump housing: Aluminium; Impeller: PP; Motor wire: Copper; Shaft: Ceramic; Bearing: China.

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Trupow 3/4 ” NPT 110V Hot Water 3-Speed Circulation Pump Circulator Pump Advantages

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